Let's start brand new days with "QONECT"


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What is QONECT?

"QONECT" is a token that has been developed based on refinements to the Ethereum blockchain. By combining the platform and AI technology we have developed with blockchain technology, we can utilize posts made by users on social media like Instagram and Facebook as advertisements and offer compensation on the conversions (when people viewing the advertisements go on to purchase a product or visit a shop) obtained. Using "QONECT" Coins with these affiliates (advertisements, promotion) allows for identifying exactly who broadcast what information and who converted on it, something that remained unclear up to now with traditional analytics.


Let's start brand new days with "QONECT"

Unified management of SNS

"QONECT" allows for linking to the social media apps you regularly use to simplify access to each platform and integrally manage multiple social media accounts in one interface through the "QONECT" app. Adding your various friends across social media to your contacts in "QONECT" lets you message them through the app. Since you can only be added by users whom you mutually follow, you will not receive messages from unknown parties.

Optimizing Recommendation by A.I

We are also considering adding functionality to the in-app browser to offer recommendations based on best search results. The "QONECT" AI Concierge functionality considers your past data and current preferences to give you customized recommendations.

Next Generation Attribution

Applications popping up daily, "QONECT" serves a wide range of eye opening pictures and videos, making you feel to want to visit or actually go to these locations. "QONECT" is for various types of people with any kind of interest and hobbies.Uploading photos and videos, it is an great advertising action, to gain others interest and positive response. "QONECT" will introduce "action back" for posters of photos and videos.



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Shigeyoshi Otani

Chief Executive Officer

Shigeyoshi Otani is Chief Executive Officer of QONECT project.Founded a web production company following employment at a major advertising agency and venture advertising agency. Utilizing experience as a system development advisor at a major telecommunications company, areas of expertise are marketing, business planning, and product planning. There has been a flood of offers from venture businesses and entrepreneurs concerning management consulting. Utilizing a unique management philosophy as a sales point, regardless of the industry,Based on a wide range of experience in planning,marketing,advertising,etc., He'll lead the QONECT project to success.

Anton Dzyatkovskiy


A successful entrepreneur.Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, MicroMoney. He is also a creative expert in marketing. He has more than 13 years of experience in different positions within FinTech, Retail, and E-Commerce. Experienced in expanding financial businesses to totally new markets. With MicroMoney, he made a plan for AMM token. Presently, AMM token is listed in OKEx and so on through ICO. In the QONECT project, he principally provides professional advice on ICO, and assistance for ICO related coordination and further for procurement of development resources especially those for AI and/or blockchain.

Hirokazu Matsuno


Hirokazu Matsuno is Advisor of QONECT project.He was engaged in dealing operations as trader at Lehman Brothers & Sanyo Securities Co., Ltd. After serving as secretary of a member of the House of Representatives, he established a investment advisory company. He is also active in various fields such as M & A business and corporate advisory. He recently joined the FinTech industry, taking advantage of the financial experience of more than 20 years. He will give advice and consultation in the M & A business and finance field.